Terug naar 2015... "H.Essers optimaliseert dienstverlening met Conundra”

Posted by Louis D'hondt on Nov 23, 2017 6:22:37 PM

H.Essers verhoogt servicegraad met SaaS-oplossing TOR, gebaseerd op IBM CPLEX en OptiFlow

Merelbeke, 30 januari 2015 - Logistiek dienstverlener H.Essers heeft een overeenkomst gesloten met Conundra, specialist in complexe planningspuzzels, om zijn transporten te optimaliseren. Na een eerste fase, waarin Conundra op basis van meerdere scenario's het optimaliseringspotentieel heeft berekend, werd met behulp van Conundra's performante optimalisatietool OptiFlow een oplossing gemodelleerd die de komende maanden verder uitgerold zal worden. De samenwerking met Conundra past binnen het streven van H.Essers naar continue verbetering en waardecreatie voor de klant.

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Customer Case: E-commerce in Africa thanks to optimal and balanced routes

Posted by Louis D'hondt on Nov 14, 2017 2:32:04 PM

Can an African order online and receive the order within two days? It’s possible in Kenya, thanks to the efforts of Copia. With the help of Conundra, the company is bringing online buying to the average Kenyan.

In scarcely a few years’ time, e-commerce has come to feel very natural in Western Europe. Order today, delivered at home tomorrow, thanks to the excellent logistics of the e-tailers and their distribution partners. But can you also apply the model to regions with a less evident road network? And we are not thinking here of the less populated areas in Europe, but of African countries. Copia put the question to the test and went to Kenya to work on ‘e-commerce for the base of the pyramid’.

“It’s still too early to benchmark, but I expect a 20% saving on our kilometre costs over the manual solution.”

Willem Palthe, VP Supply Chain & Logistics at Copia

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