Our mission is to help companies crack complex distribution puzzles, and to make measurable cost reductions while respecting service constraints.

So please, tell us your logistic challenge. Send us your schedule for 1 day and we’ll tell you the savings you could make. Our promise is simple: no cure, no pay.
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The world of transport is subject to significant change (increasing scale of operations, societal changes, legislation, etc.). Therefore, transport faces new opportunities and challenges that cannot be solved by traditional technology. This is where Conundra decided to step in and make a difference.
Conundra promise: we crack your complex distribution puzzle

High Performance


Smart, fast and high-performance algorithms leading to unparalleled results.

Conundra Promise: we guard your savings daily

Cost Savings


Substantial cost savings by minimizing vehicles, kilometers and working hours.

Conundra promise: OptiFlow is agile & self-learning

Continuous Improvement


Continuous improvement through new features and weekly software updates.


“The Essers transport model as we know it today requires a fast response time and a custom-made solution. With the development of this new system, together with Conundra we can handle this complexity.”

Pascal Vranken     COO H.Essers

“CB increases visibility in its distribution process with Conundra. Three actionable improvements have been identified to realize more efficient transports."

Arjan de Jong    process- & implementation manager CB

"The Belgian retailer Colruyt Group has signed an agreement with Conundra, the expert in cracking complex distribution puzzles, to optimize the reverse flows. With this new planning tool Colruyt expects to save up to a quarter of its transports between their DC's."

Ivan Van de Brul    logistics manager Colruyt
Ahold Delhaize
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Steven De Schrijver and An De Wispelaere founded Conundra out of a shared passion for supply chain optimization. Together with Conundra’s elite team they have achieved continuous growth based on a relentless drive for results and a resourceful dedication. Conundra employs a leading team of supply chain experts, optimization consultants, researchers, IT engineers and PhD engineers on projects across Europe.
Conundra Founders: Steven De Schrijver and An De Wispelaere

How the Role of a Planner is Elevated through Automatic Route Planning

When it comes to automatic route planning, a common misconception is that the role of a planner becomes less important or even obsolete. We are often confronted with this misconception at the beginning of implementation projects, when planners jokingly say things like: “Well, it looks like you don’t need me anymore”. Although these statements are usually laughed off, there lies a certain seriousness behind these words as well. So you might be wondering to yourself: is it true? Is automatic route planning really a threat to the planners’ job? ...

The Vehicle Routing Problem Explained

Every day, managers of last mile delivery are responsible for getting goods from place A to B, effectively and efficiently. Quite simple right? Actually, there is more to it than meets the eye. Imagine having hundreds or even thousands of orders a day, with one hundred trucks at your disposal. How are you going to place each order on a route, taking into account all restrictions and time windows, while minimizing the total cost? This is exactly the question of a Vehicle Routing Problem.

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