Leen Bakker goes live with Route Planning System ‘OptiFlow’

Posted by Nathalie Gobel on Aug 17, 2022 11:25:00 AM

Leen bakker kiest Routeplanningssysteem OptiFlow van Conundra

Oosterzele, August 17th, 2022 – Last month, Leen Bakker’s delivery team “Last Smile” successfully went live with Conundra’s route planning system, OptiFlow. The company’s goal is to achieve maximum efficiency though qualitative route planning for their 40 vehicles and more than 100 drivers operating throughout Flanders and The Netherlands.

In 2020, Leen Bakker established its own home delivery and installation service. According to Bob De Nijs, Operational Director at Leen Bakker and Kwantum, consumers increasingly want to be unburdened. Consequently, the company decided to take the delivery of home furnishings into its own hands. “We noticed that more and more people opted for home delivery. On the one hand, this has to do with the fact that some people are no longer able to do it themselves. For example, the elderly. On the other hand, we notice that people no longer want to do it themselves because they would rather spend their time doing something else, so they outsource it”. Over the past two years, the delivery service has grown into a fully fledged operation that already carries out more than half of all deliveries today. De Nijs emphasizes that due to their rapid growth, existing tools were no longer sufficient to efficiently plan all routes: “Until now, we did everything with Excel and Google Maps, but this way of working was no longer feasible. We have grown so fast that we needed a modern route planning system”. With OptiFlow, Leen Bakker can continue to grow, with the aim of delivering even more orders themselves.

Challenges manual route planning

Over the past two years, Leen Bakker has run into numerous challenges when it comes to manually planning their transport. For example, the significant amount of time planners would need to be able to create reliable plan. “Our planners were mostly busy with manual actions and little with planning. Thanks to a modern route planning system, our planners are better able to concentrate on the profession of planning.”

Choosing OptiFlow

De Nijs indicates that most companies in his sector use more traditional software in the transport planning market. However, with OptiFlow he believes in achieving the best results by far. “The reason we ultimately chose OptiFlow is because the software is actually more modern in terms of the algorithms it uses and the way in which the planning is generated. As a result, we are convinced that more efficiency can be achieved than with other existing systems.” According to De Nijs, the collaboration between Leen Bakker and Conundra is going very smoothly. Both parties aim to go live with Leen Bakker’s store distribution planning as well, by the end of this year.

About Leen Bakker

In 2019, Leen Bakker celebrated its 100th anniversary. With 170 branches and 2,500 employees in the Netherlands and Belgium, and a web shop with a 20% share of the total turnover, Leen Bakker is one of the largest omnichannel retailers in the home furnishings sector. Together with Kwantum, they form the Homefashion Group.


Nathalie Gobel

Written by Nathalie Gobel

Nathalie obtained her MBA in International Business at KU Leuven in 2020. Since 2021, she has been part of the Business Development team at Conundra, immersing herself in a world of innovative technology driven by continuous improvement. With her passion for communication and marketing, she has the ambition to identify highly relevant questions in the market and translate them into valuable insights.

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