Last mile delivery (part load)

Some say last mile logistics are the most difficult; after all, your fleet is quite large and your drivers are doing multiple stops per route. Some customers are very specific about when deliveries are possible, which is an added complication. From experience, you know that selecting the right routes isn’t easy, but it makes a great difference between no (or a very small) margin and a significant one.

Lots of vehicles
Flexible route planning
Demanding customers
Stay ahead of competition
Part loads

We invested in OptiFlow, a complete and full service end user solution for route optimization.

Powerful collaboration

OptiFlow is a co-creation with KU Leuven and experts from the field, and based on our vast experience in advanced user interfaces and powerful engines. The experiments on academic benchmark instances show the strength of OptiFlow, with incredible results.
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Reduces costs from day one


By taking all factors into account our solution makes your last mile deliveries much more efficient. Our proven 3PMA© methodology not only analyzes your requirements, but will also save you money: day after day, month after month.


Delivers insight into costs


Because of the fleet size and large customer base, you need a good insight into cost structures. Conundra delivers transparency, so you know how much you’re really spending.


Integrates with your IT


Conundra works with your established IT solutions, including in-house, third party ERP and Transport Management System (TMS). We aim to align our tools with your IT; we respect your standards and working methods.


Optimize in minutes


Whatever the logistic complexity, we’ll give you the answer in minutes and are proud to say our solution is a true record breaker, with its speed being a vital part of cost efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Inform customers


Give your customers what they want: an accurate schedule of delivery and pick-up times. As information is delivered in just minutes, you can inform your customers straight away about project developments.

Our mission is to help companies crack complex distribution puzzles, and to make measurable cost reductions while respecting service constraints.

So please, tell us your logistic challenge. Send us your schedule for 1 day and we’ll tell you the savings you could make. Our promise is simple: no cure, no pay.
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