At Conundra, we are passionate about getting better every single day. Continuously improving our algorithms, software and service, we create tangible impact on roads all over the world and save tons of CO2 emissions. We are all about service for and collaboration with our clients, as we operate in the sweet spot between consulting and software development.

Our company name refers to a complex problem with a surprisingly simple result, which is exactly what we aim to achieve for our clients. We provide ultra efficient solutions to issues that challenge both the transportation sector and society: more and more time is being spent in traffic jams, professional drivers are becoming a scarcity and a lot of useless air is still being transported. At Conundra, we help big companies like Ahold Delhaize, Hello Fresh, H.Essers, Colruyt, GLS, DHL, Peter Appel, Simon Loos and Cornelissen by doing things differently, creatively and efficiently. And of course, having fun in the process. 



Our company culture

We are a team of over 70 passionate colleagues, challenging ourselves every day to make our world-record breaking product even better. Although we love to work hard, we also love to have fun and learn from each other.

Make a real difference

Working at Conundra, you get to make a tangible impact on the planet. With our software we only send trucks out on the road when they are loaded to the brim. That means: less useless air being transported and less traffic. In the optimization process, we also save our clients time and money.

A fun, challenging job

We take pride in what we do: cracking seemingly impossible codes for our clients by creating the best, most awesome routing software out there. At Conundra, you get to work in a creative environment for household names like Ahold Delhaize and Hello Fresh, while growing your skills - by working together with your colleagues and with a personal development budget.
Our mission is to help companies crack complex distribution puzzles, and to make measurable cost reductions while respecting service constraints.

So please, tell us your logistic challenge. Send us your schedule for 1 day and we’ll tell you the savings you could make. Our promise is simple: no cure, no pay.
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