Field services

Organizing field services and delivering support pose their own challenges. For you, customer satisfaction is key, without running up excess costs. You invest a lot of time in planning, taking into account skillsets and equipment, so that the right staff members visit customers at the right moments. Rapid feedback at order intake is another essential requirement which allows you to inform customers correctly about planned visits.

Delivering field services also requires a dynamic approach so you can respond immediately to any unforeseen events. Perhaps field personnel need to take a detour to solve an emergency or maybe an intervention is taking longer than expected. Conundra is the only company that can cover all of this – and more.

Lots of vehicles
Flexible route planning
Demanding customers
Stay ahead of competition

We invested in OptiFlow, a complete and full service end user solution for route optimization.

Powerful collaboration

OptiFlow is a co-creation with KU Leuven and experts from the field, and based on our vast experience in advanced user interfaces and powerful engines. The experiments on academic benchmark instances show the strength of OptiFlow, with incredible results.
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Increase quality and customer satisfaction

Increase quality and customer satisfaction


Conundra helps you plan better and quicker, even if you are dealing with multiple stops and time-critical visiting slots. Because our solution is so fast, you can immediately give a customer feedback at order intake. After all, it’s all about quality and customer satisfaction.

Real-time changes

Real-time changes


Static planning does not survive unexpected events, which we can’t avoid. Things change, appointments need to be rescheduled, emergencies happen. Conundra’s OptiFlow© rapidly adapts to the new circumstances and delivers revised and regular updates. Whatever the logistic complexity, we will give you the answer in minutes enabling you to make decisions straight away, in real-time.

Cost transparency

Cost transparency


It’s often difficult to gain genuine insight into the costs of field services. Access Conundra’s powerful OptiFlow© through a user-friendly interface, which is easy to use and fast in providing results.  

Works with your IT

Works with your IT


Conundra works with your established IT solutions, whether you use third party ERP, Transport Management System (TMS) or something in-house. Aligning our tools with your IT is not a problem for us, even when it comes to in-house built legacy systems.

Our mission is to help companies crack complex distribution puzzles, and to make measurable cost reductions while respecting service constraints.

So please, tell us your logistic challenge. Send us your schedule for 1 day and we’ll tell you the savings you could make. Our promise is simple: no cure, no pay.
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Customer savings

Conundra’s powerful OptiFlow SAAS focuses on all parts of your logistic puzzle. The problem is not adapted to the tool, but the tool adapted to the problem, resulting in breakthrough results: guaranteed savings and Return on Investment (ROI), day after day.

OptiFlow© and its dazzling speed gives you the answer in minutes - the bigger your complexity, the larger the savings we can create for you. We believe that the superfast speed is a vital part to achieving cost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Have a look at some amazing savings that our existing customers have enjoyed last quarter:   


“CB increases visibility in its distribution process with Conundra. Three actionable improvements have been identified to realize more efficient transports."

Arjan de Jong    process- & implementation manager CB

"The Belgian retailer Colruyt Group has signed an agreement with Conundra, the expert in cracking complex distribution puzzles, to optimize the reverse flows. With this new planning tool Colruyt expects to save up to a quarter of its transports between their DC's."

Ivan Van de Brul    logistics manager Colruyt
testimionial H.Essers

“The Essers transport model as we know it today requires a fast response time and a custom-made solution. With the development of this new system, together with Conundra we can handle this complexity.”

Pascal Vranken    COO H.Essers
Bebat Customer Testimonial

“The mobile application developed by Conundra enables Bebat to steer its field promotion services much more efficiently. The mix of user-friendliness, the freedom while making the planning and the ability to determine clear priorities are the main advantages to Bebat.”

Benny Van den Steen    Field Manager, Bebat
Ahold Delhaize
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H.Essers optimizes transport model with Conundra

The Essers transport model as we know it today requires a fast response time and a custom made solution. With the development of this new system together with Conundra we can handle this complexity.

CB increases visibility in its distribution process with Conundra

Three actionable improvements have been identified to realize more efficient transports.

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