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OptiFlow is a SaaS application. This means that OptiFlow runs in your web browser. No setup costs, always up-to-date, not limited by hardware constraints.

High-quality planning in a matter of minutes.

Minimize traffic based on historical data.

It is possible to create a planning in only 5 simple steps. After the optimization, it is still possible to make modifications to the received planning. Thanks to OptiFlow's visual representation, the planner will quickly identify problems.

Insights on all levels
OptiFlow is not only useful for creating an operational planning. OptiFlow can also be used for strategic and tactical analysis.

OptiFlow Mobile
Stay in connection with your drivers. Monitor your drivers and send them updates when necessary.

Steven De Schrijver and An De Wispelaere share a profound passion for optimization for many years and founded Conundra back in 2012. Together they have realized a company culture based on a relentless drive for results and resourceful dedication. Conundra has maintained a steady growth since it’s inception. Today the elite team numbers 38 and is comprised of supply chain experts, optimization consultants, algorithm researchers and PhD engineers who are deployed on projects across Europe.

Technology, talent and passion are the Conundra drivers for optimization. Cutting edge technology is applied to find tailor-made and unique solutions for big complex and non-standard supply chain planning problems. Academic and experienced talent is actively attracted, trained and continuously challenged to further develop. Passion is what unites the team every day to deliver high quality solutions to a wide variety of customers.