2016 was great... but 2017 will be fantastic

Posted by Dieter Roman on 13/01/2017

  • Our team has grown to 30 highly motivated and super skilled dedicated Conundrians, always eager to help you solve your logistic puzzle. 

    2017 will also be a decisive year. Our knowledge and experience is now packaged in Optiflow: our cloud- based route optimization solution.  Curious how it works? Get your free trial here and start planning like a pro!

    To be even more impactful and proactive to our customers we have optimized our internal organisation too. Well-balanced, dedicated teams will 'fight' for your savings on a daily basis. That's our drive and promise! 

    So we are ready for the next step! And you?

    Happy New Year and may 2017 be filled with joy and happiness and may each new day bring you moments to cherish.


    An De Wispelaere & Steven De Schrijver

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Transportation makes the difference in Food Logistics

Posted by Dieter Roman on 30/09/2016

Coconut water, granola’s, pomegranate superfoods or berries & seeds organic paleo raw bars... A quick scan in a retail shop makes it already clear — food trends come and go with the passing of time.

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Routing algorithms affected by Tesla's masterplan

Posted by Reginald Dewil on 09/09/2016


Awesome, Tesla released their master plan part II. Work in routing algorithm development seems to be assured given their next steps:

  • heavy-duty electric trucks,
  • high passenger-density transport,
  • full autonomous vehicles and
  • organizing a fleet of autonomous vehicles.
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Conundra awarded 2nd prize at prestigious EURO ROADEF Challenge 2016

Posted by Dieter Roman on 15/07/2016

During EURO2016 in Poznan– the premier European Conference on Operational Research and management Science – Conundra has been awarded with the 2nd prize in the Roadef Challenge.

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