Transport Tendering Troubles

Posted by Louis D'hondt on 25/01/2018

For many shipping-agents, applying for a tender is almost a natural reflex. Sure, you’ll never want to let a big deal slip through your fingers, but please be careful. Without the right information, the added value of a long-term commitment is difficult to predict. If there is any added value at all…

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Top 5 Paying Schemes in transport business: Should you pay your subcontractor for drinking coffee ?

Posted by Bart Gadeyne on 20/01/2017

We have come across a wide range of paying schemes for subcontractors during our route optimization implementations. And each of these schemes have a significant impact on performance and cost. Therefore, it will come as no suprise that companies are struggling with choosing the most advantageous paying scheme for their type of business.

Below you'll find the most-used paying schemes, together with their pros and cons. These insights allow you to influence your subcontractor cost and performance.

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7 steps to success in the transport industry

Posted by Bart Gadeyne on 15/04/2016

The transport industry is one of the most competitive industries. Road taxes, tenders and low-cost country competitors increase pressure on the profit margin of many West-European transport companies.

Many companies struggle to survive. However, some companies succeed at staying ahead of competition. In this post, we list the aspects that these successful transport companies have in common

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What is the best incentive pay scheme for your subcontractors in the transport business?

Posted by Bart Gadeyne on 12/02/2016

Complexity can be controlled. Many transport companies are having issues developing an effective incentive pay scheme for their subcontractors. We have come across many types of paying schemes during route optimization software implementations. We experienced that these incentives have a significant impact on the performance and cost. In this article the most-popular paying schemes are listed, together with their PRO's and CON's.

These insights allow you to influence your subcontractor cost and performance

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