Track & Trace - to measure is to know

Posted by Louis D'hondt on 18/08/2017

We all know garbage in equals garbage out. This rule also applies to optimization packages. It is crucial to feed planning software with clean data if you aim for good results. Therefore, if only garbage is at hand, the necessary steps must be taken to clean that dirty data. This usually requires time and effort. 
Spending resources on cleaning dirty data feels like a short-term solution when you know there are better, long term alternatives.

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Our Expert Group gathers again (part 2)

Posted by Dr. An De Wispelaere on 08/11/2016

Missed part 1? No problem, you can find it here.


Oscar for most desired new OptiFlow-feature

At each Expert Group we like to present OptiFlow features that are still in development. We try to do this in a fun way, on this occasion inspired by the Oscar Ceremony. But even though we kept it all light hearted, the intention behind this part of the Expert Group is quite serious. The attendees actually get to decide which feature will deliver the highest value for them. Exactly, the feedback loop put in the practice!

We offered the members of the Expert Group the following choices:

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