Your delivery stuck in traffic? Exploit the power of live ETA updates

Posted by Kevin De Meu on 03/10/2018

As a transport or distribution company, you are unfortunately not unfamiliar with the message that a shipment of goods will be delayed. Nonetheless, updates of the ‘Earliest Time of Arrival’ (ETA) also present some opportunities. Knowledge of the latest ETA offers chances to both the customer and the transporter, enabling the latter to design a number of meaningful services.

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Multi-modal transport software generates strategic advantages

Posted by Louis D'hondt on 02/08/2018

Customer requirements are evolving: the ecological footprint is a vital factor and cost decreases resulting from loosening restrictions can be an eye-opener. Turning this shift of focus into an opportunity forces transporters to examine alternative ways of transport when they want to stay ahead of competition on long distance orders.

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Don't leave money on the route planning table

Posted by Dieter Roman on 02/12/2016

You, as a C-level executive, are always trying to find ways to make your company more efficient. Here is a possible quick win.
A lot of organisations still depend on and have trust in their highly competent and experienced planners, who make daily route plans based on experience and best guesses.

We see that a lot of logistics companies are leaving money on the ‘planning’ table by blindly following this daily routine.  


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Our Expert Group gathers again (part 2)

Posted by Dr. An De Wispelaere on 08/11/2016

Missed part 1? No problem, you can find it here.


Oscar for most desired new OptiFlow-feature

At each Expert Group we like to present OptiFlow features that are still in development. We try to do this in a fun way, on this occasion inspired by the Oscar Ceremony. But even though we kept it all light hearted, the intention behind this part of the Expert Group is quite serious. The attendees actually get to decide which feature will deliver the highest value for them. Exactly, the feedback loop put in the practice!

We offered the members of the Expert Group the following choices:

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Effective dynamic rescheduling: better planning & peace of mind

Posted by Dieter Roman on 03/08/2016

Operational excellence is high on the agenda in many businesses. Margins are under pressure, so people and resources must be used as efficiently as possible. In transport, that means a strong focus on optimal load factor, streamlined transportation planning and clever use of the available vehicles and modes of transport.

Well, that is the theory. In reality, careful planning - manual or otherwise - is often derailed by unexpected circumstances. These may include traffic jams, a driver calling in sick, changing or delayed orders... The consequence: inefficiency in transport and chaos in the planning department.


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