Controlled Steps to Excellence

Posted by Louis D'hondt on 06/09/2018

Profit margins of 1% or operating at break-even are no exception in today's transport sector. Lowering these margins to offer lower rates is no longer an option. Change is needed and transport businesses are forced to explore new approaches for long term profitability. These improvements can range from low-hanging-fruit to reorganizations of entire businesses. When it comes to the latter, the need for change is evident but coming up with the right plan of attack is tricky. How to minimize the risks? How to get everyone aligned? How to quickly reap the benefits?

For many reasons, sometimes less obvious ones, we fancy the step-by-step approach, starting small. Let's highlight some of them.

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Algorithms as a Tool for Integrating Supply Chains

Posted by Louis D'hondt on 06/12/2017

A close collaboration, a merger, an acquisition or even the start-up of a new business unit. Such interventions pose major challenges to the supply chain. Paying too little attention to the planning process is a classic trap. We examine how algorithms can help.  

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4 reasons why transporters hesitate investing in route optimization software

Posted by Louis D'hondt on 05/09/2017

When exploring the transport industry, we are shocked by the number of transport companies without planning software. We often ask ourselves why well-established values lack proper route optimization tools. Time and again, the added value through cost savings is demonstrated. If it is so obvious, how come so many experienced players opt to leave their money on the planning table

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From manual to automated transport planning: a hard nut to crack

Posted by Dieter Roman on 20/12/2016


In one of our previous blogs we explained why communication is key to the success of any change process. However, communication is just one aspect of change management. It obviously takes more than timely and effective communication alone to foster employee acceptance of the change.

From our conversations with customers, we know that resistance to a transport planning tool can be a hard nut to crack. No matter how convincing the results achieved with the new planning tool may be, including often considerable savings, planners may still be reluctant to make use of it.

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5 key lessons in change management

Posted by Louis D'hondt on 02/09/2016

“The only human being crying for change is a baby with a wet diaper”

The success of a software implementation is determined by both the quality of the solution and the acceptance of it. There are no exceptions to this rule. The same holds true for transport planning tools as well. If you have ever had to deal with transport planning, you will know that the complexity of the ‘Vehicle Routing Problem’ (VRP) is not to be underestimated. Academics recognize it as an ‘NP-complete’ problem, implying that even the biggest brainiacs don’t have a solution at hand. While the algorithm and the development of the tool itself demand an extreme amount of effort and attention, the impact on the people who will use the tool is equally important.  

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