Selected for you: our 4 most popular blogs of 2017

Posted by Dieter Roman on 24/07/2017


I'm happy to report that our blog 'Our views on route optimization' is quiet popular with our readers. Most weeks at least a few of our blogs are high on the list of the most-viewed content on our website.

To make your live easier we have selected the 4 most popular blogpost of 2017

I hope you’ll find some insights below you may have missed during the first months of 2017, and that they’ll help you make your job, business and operations more productive, efficient and competitive. 

  1. 10 questions to scope your route optimization project
  2. Video speaks louder than words: why customers choose Conundra
  3. 8 great reasons why route optimization should be your top priority
  4. Top 5 paying schemes in transport business: should you pay your subcontractor for drinking coffee?

Happy reading and enjoy your holidays.

Dieter Roman

Written by Dieter Roman

Digital Marketing Manager