Selected for you: our 4 most popular summer blogs

Posted by Dieter Roman on 14/10/2016


I'm happy to report that our blog 'Our views on route optimization' is quiet popular with our readers. Most weeks at least a few of our blogs are high on the list of the most-viewed content on our website.

To make your live easier we have selected the 4 most popular blogpost of last summer

I hope you’ll find some insights below you may have missed during a busy summer period, and that they’ll help you make your job, business and operations more productive, efficient and competitive. 

  1. Transport optimization plays a decisive role in sustainability
  2. 5 key lessons in change management
  3. Routing algorithms affected by Tesla's masterplan
  4. Effective dynamic rescheduling: better planning & peace of mind

Happy reading!  

Dieter Roman

Written by Dieter Roman

Digital Marketing Manager