Route Optimization: your (planner’s) secret weapon

Posted by Dieter Roman on 20/07/2016

transportation_planner.jpgThe transport and logistics business is tough. We probably don't have to tell you.  In any business where margins are narrow, companies who are able to find an edge over their competition are the ones that not only survive but thrive. Finding that edge requires a deep knowledge about the industry itself, as well as vision for the future and open-mindedness.

The logistics industry will be the stage for the future development of driverless vehicles, drone deliveries and a lot more exciting stuff. What looked like science-fiction at one point is quickly becoming a reality. The industry will be changed profoundly by these evolutions and not everyone is going to be ready for it. 

Is your planner also a Nobel prize winner in Mathematics?

What is not going to change, even with drones and driverless trucks, is the role of your dispatch and planning department.

The world is in constant flux and variables are changing all the time. No single day on the road and in traffic is the same. This is where planning optimization comes in. If we're talking about finding edges, this is where the race is won. Planners need help. They're human. They can’t take into consideration all the variables available. They are drowning in figures: data vehicle and driver availability, traffic information, delivery times & requirements, (un)loading times, working hour regulations, …

Even a Nobel prize winner in Mathematics cannot analyze and calculate the optimal routing scenario on paper. And when the planning is ready, chances are high that he has to start over again due to rush orders, traffic jams, holidays, …

Pretty sure that by the end of the day your planner is totally stressed up.

Save 10% or more with a powerful route optimization solution

Your planning department needs a solution that takes all the variables that go into transport planning into account and presents them not with a "good" result but with mathematically correct and "best-in-class" results to their planning problems. Saving kilometers, hours and euros is the way to go. With OptiFlow, our route optimization solution, we guarantee a significant saving, often 10% and more. 

The algorithm running under the hood is designed by mathematicians and they are continuously tweaking and improving upon this mathematical engine.  Other optimization engines are blown out of the water in comparative tests, time and time again. It's like driving around in a car with an engine that is not only the most powerful in its field, but is worked on and still improves as you're driving it.

Route optimization software truly can be your organization's secret weapon.
  1. You'll be able to deliver at the convenient place & time
  2. Your customers will love it and
  3. Your competition will be baffled

It will allow you to reinvest and to grow and you'll be ready for the future. Lots of small edges that will make sure that in the end you will be in pole-position. So decide today to start saving money by tomorrow!

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Dieter Roman

Written by Dieter Roman

Digital Marketing Manager