Road charging system ("kilometerheffing") starting on April 1, 2016 in Belgium

Posted by Dr. Ir. Steven De Schrijver on 10/12/2015

Whether we like it or not, road charging for trucks will start on April 1, 2016 in Belgium. The rate of the kilometer charge will vary depending on the maximum permissible weight (MPW) of the trucks, their Euro emission class and the type of the road being used.

Road tax tariffs

ITLB predicts that transport cost in 2016 will increase by +0.87% without Belgian kilometer charges for trucks (so called "kilometerheffing"), and by +8.88% when Belgian truck tolls are included. Nevertheless, the specific cost surplus varies a lot per route and truck type.
The tariffs can be downloaded on the Viapass website

Go to the Road Tax SimulatorTariffs-dd20151210_SourceViapass.pngKilometer taxes for trucks are only charged on part of the Belgian Roads. On the Viapass website you can download the maps and the tariffs.

Viapass is the name of the road charging project collaborating over 3 regional governements: Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. The role of Viapass is to regulate and supervise.

Satellic is the service provider installing and operating the toll system.

More information?

More about the road tax in Belgium in this comprehensible Satellic movie :

Or have a look at the the Satellic website or the Viapass website.

Conundra's Road Tax Simulator

Conundra makes an online tool available where you can calculate the road tax for your route.

ConundraRoadTaxSimulator.pngGo to the Road Tax Simulator Just fill out your name and email and you can simulate the road tax for 150 routes. Go to the simulator, fill out your departure, destination location and type of truck and immediately see the additional tax cost for your specific route.

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