Our Expert Group gathers again (part 2)

Posted by Dr. An De Wispelaere on 08/11/2016


Missed part 1? No problem, you can find it here.


Oscar for most desired new OptiFlow-feature

At each Expert Group we like to present OptiFlow features that are still in development. We try to do this in a fun way, on this occasion inspired by the Oscar Ceremony. But even though we kept it all light hearted, the intention behind this part of the Expert Group is quite serious. The attendees actually get to decide which feature will deliver the highest value for them. Exactly, the feedback loop put in the practice!

We offered the members of the Expert Group the following choices:

  1. 3D Packing, a new algorithm to load trailers efficiently. At present time loading is usually done based on loading parameters, but higher efficiency can be reached by loading a trailer based on the actual volumes. It makes it possible to transport more goods per vehicle.


  1. Smart Geocoding, a smart solution to solve the problem of incomplete or wrong addresses. Our solution automatically corrects addresses – and that has quite an impact. While delivering and picking up goods a wrong address can cost a driver a lot of time, as he might have to try and find the correct location. Alternatively, smart geocoding also saves planners a lot of time as they do not have to check and correct addresses.


  1. Driver Truck Trailer or DTT. This function allows OptiFlow not only to take into account complete vehicles, but in fact creates a planning in which drivers, trucks and trailers are treated as separate entities. This can be useful when, for example, you have drivers with specialised knowledge and experience or you have multiple trailers staged for transport by one truck.


  1. Inventory Routing. By making better prediction when supplies are needed at locations (for example at supermarkets), this function makes it possible to plan more efficiently and ahead of time. Instead of sending out two half loaden trucks on two consecutive days to replenish supplies, you can plan ahead and maybe combine it into one shipment.


  1. OptiFlow Turbo. This does actually what you would expect: make OptiFlow even more faster. By about thirty percent, in fact. This makes solving logistic challenges even quicker than before.


It was a neck-by-neck race, but after counting all votes the ‘Oscar for most desired new OptiFlow-feature’ was for… OptiFlow Turbo. DTT was a close second, though. It is good news for OptiFlow users in any case, as they will be receiving answers to logistics queries even quicker than before.


Ready to launch

We are of course talking about OptiFlow Mobile, a project that was a topic of a previous Expert mobilescreen.pngGroup meeting. OptiFlow Mobile is the ideal extension to our OptiFlow offering. Through the OptiFlow Mobile app drivers can receive live updates of schedules and indicate problems on the route, such as traffic congestion or delivery problems. With the app planners get more insight and control over drivers and their routes. This is especially useful when working with third party contractors. Often checking up on external drivers is difficult, as invoicing happens with weeks delay. And due to the seamless integration with OptiFlow, dynamic rescheduling is becoming a reality!

OptiFlow Mobile is the missing link for every dispatcher/planner. 

A short & fun video has been produced to showcase some of the capabilities of OptiFlow Mobile

And the Winner is... every OptiFlow Mobile user!


Are you excited by these new developments at Conundra? Would you also like to participate in our feedback loop? Join us at the next gathering of the Expert Group!


Topics: Route optimization, Transport, dynamic rescheduling, Expert Group, Mobile App

Dr. An De Wispelaere

Written by Dr. An De Wispelaere

An is co-founder and managing director of Conundra. She has over 10 years of experience in mathematical optimization and is the experienced and creative spirit on many of Conundra’s breakthrough systems. An has a PhD in mathematics and has numerous publications within this field.