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Famke De Ro

Logistic Optimization Expert at Conundra.

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5 do's and don'ts in transport planning

Posted by Famke De Ro on 22/04/2016

Logistic costs make up a major part of total costs in many companies. Consequently, reducing transportation costs is high on the agenda of supply chain managers, a difficult challenge in today's turbulent business environment. Increasingly demanding customers, growing environmental awareness and a focus on total cost reduction further complicate this task, as well as emphasize the importance of efficient logistics. Here are 5 tips and tricks on how to improve logistic performance.

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Chaotic launch of the Belgian road tax system

Posted by Famke De Ro on 11/04/2016

On April 1st, the much debated kilometer charges for trucks came into force in Belgium. The implementation of such a complex and ambitious project is often accompanied with the occasional hiccup and inevitable teething problems. However, even the most pessimistic assessments did not include the enormous variety of complications that arose. From the first minute on, problems cropped up, and as the day progressed, the list of difficulties and headaches continued to grow. Even for the many carriers who had spared no effort to prepare themselves diligently, April 1st 2016 will be remembered as a black day in company history with a significant price tag attached.

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Legal hurdles to overcome in truck platooning (part 2)

Posted by Famke De Ro on 01/04/2016

The first Belgian trial involving self-driving trucks will take place from 31 March to 6 April 2016. The project is an initiative of Volvo Trucks Belgium and will comprise three convoys of two or three trucks each. This concept has become known as ‘platooning’, a term that originated in the US. Although platooning seems very promising in terms of efficiency and environmental friendliness, a number of obstacles must first be overcome before self-driving trucks can really make their debut on our roads.

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Self-driving trucks: a game-changer in transport? (part 1)

Posted by Famke De Ro on 25/03/2016

On March 31st, Volvo Trucks Belgium kicks off the first Belgian trial involving self-driving trucks. This initiative will comprise three convoys of two or three trucks each, a concept that has become known as platoons or road trains. As previous test projects in other countries revealed great potential, expectations for the Belgian trial are high. However, given the dense Flemish road network and the high number of motorway junctions, it remains uncertain whether the trial in Belgium will achieve similar benefits.

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Belgian Road Tax: will the transport sector draw the short straw?

Posted by Famke De Ro on 04/03/2016

The kilometer-based charging system that will be implemented in Belgium on April 1st, 2016 remains a topic of debate. Countless transport contracts are currently being revised, revealing high levels of uncertainty on both sides of the negotiating table. Since no legal basis is provided for passing on the kilometer tax to customers, both transport companies and their costumers fear that they will end up footing the bill.

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