Dr. An De Wispelaere

Dr. An De Wispelaere

An is co-founder and managing director of Conundra. She has over 10 years of experience in mathematical optimization and is the experienced and creative spirit on many of Conundra’s breakthrough systems. An has a PhD in mathematics and has numerous publications within this field.

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Our Expert Group gathers again (part 2)

Posted by Dr. An De Wispelaere on 08/11/2016

Missed part 1? No problem, you can find it here.


Oscar for most desired new OptiFlow-feature

At each Expert Group we like to present OptiFlow features that are still in development. We try to do this in a fun way, on this occasion inspired by the Oscar Ceremony. But even though we kept it all light hearted, the intention behind this part of the Expert Group is quite serious. The attendees actually get to decide which feature will deliver the highest value for them. Exactly, the feedback loop put in the practice!

We offered the members of the Expert Group the following choices:

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Our Expert Group gathers again (part 1)

Posted by Dr. An De Wispelaere on 28/10/2016

It’s not exactly a secret that we are huge fans of Tesla. In particular we are convinced Elon Musk is spot-on in emphasising the importance of the feedback loop. It is because of this feedback loop Tesla is able to develop innovative products that really suit the needs of Tesla clients at a relatively high pace.
Which is exactly what Conundra wants to achieve, namely to improve OptiFlow – in a way that benefits our clients.

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Profitable last mile delivery: daily trade-off when using city logistics

Posted by Dr. An De Wispelaere on 28/01/2016

The world of logistics is evolving faster than ever. The key to competing in the logistical race is to collaborate and use all available networks. Customer demand, challenging delivery times, traffic jams and driver legislations are increasing the complexity in controlling distribution costs on a day-to-day basis.

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