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Conundra's vision in Trends magazine 

Posted by Dieter Roman on 24/08/2017

Belgian business magazine 'Trends' interviewed Steven De Schrijver (CEO) and An De Wispelaere (Managing Director) from Conundra.

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Why investing in route optimization should be on your wish list?

Posted by Dieter Roman on 28/07/2017

Because it can save you money! But how do you start such a project or what considerations should be given? This is a vital business decision, and of course you want to be sure you’re making the right one. Get inspired and learn how you can keep your drivers happy and your planners motivated!

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Selected for you: our 4 most popular blogs of 2017

Posted by Dieter Roman on 24/07/2017

I'm happy to report that our blog 'Our views on route optimization' is quiet popular with our readers. Most weeks at least a few of our blogs are high on the list of the most-viewed content on our website.

To make your live easier we have selected the 4 most popular blogpost of 2017

I hope you’ll find some insights below you may have missed during the first months of 2017, and that they’ll help you make your job, business and operations more productive, efficient and competitive. 

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8 great reasons why route optimization should be your top priority

Posted by Dieter Roman on 05/07/2017

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Video speaks louder than words: why customers choose Conundra

Posted by Dieter Roman on 23/06/2017

Learn in this video why companies choose Conundra and how OptiFlow makes a real difference in their daily operations (Dutch version).

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We listen to our customers & prospects, as they are always right!

Posted by Dieter Roman on 17/06/2017

The 'Conundra Expert Group’  is a great opportunity to meet and talk to other people from your own and other industries. But we especially want to ensure there is an opportunity to listen to our clients’ needs and let them have a say in what is next for OptiFlow. It’s also an excellent moment to showcase our wildest ideas and possible features for OptiFlow, and gather direct feedback from our users.

We've captured the findings of our Expert Group members in this short video (Dutch version).

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10 questions to scope your route optimization project

Posted by Dieter Roman on 17/03/2017



To get what you want, you need to accurately define. These 10 questions lead you to better understand your business needs for your route optimization project, and helps you break them down into detailed, specific requirements that everyone agrees on.

And, it's usually much quicker and cheaper to fix a problem or misunderstanding at the analysis stage than it is when the your solutions is up and running.


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Handling school buses more efficiently [Infographic]

Posted by Dieter Roman on 06/02/2017

Children attending primary school are something totally different from packages and goods, which made the project for the Dender school association very much a new type of logistical challenge.

For Joke Heerman, head of finance for the educational group, it was quite clear that a solution such as OptiFlow was required. The association is comprised of thirty schools in the region around Aalst, Belgium. That means every day many pupils have to be transported to and from schools, which are spread out over quite a large area. To do that required a fleet of 18 vehicles and Optiflow, our route opimization solution.



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2016 was great... but 2017 will be fantastic

Posted by Dieter Roman on 13/01/2017

  • Our team has grown to 30 highly motivated and super skilled dedicated Conundrians, always eager to help you solve your logistic puzzle. 

    2017 will also be a decisive year. Our knowledge and experience is now packaged in Optiflow: our cloud- based route optimization solution.  Curious how it works? Get your free trial here and start planning like a pro!

    To be even more impactful and proactive to our customers we have optimized our internal organisation too. Well-balanced, dedicated teams will 'fight' for your savings on a daily basis. That's our drive and promise! 

    So we are ready for the next step! And you?

    Happy New Year and may 2017 be filled with joy and happiness and may each new day bring you moments to cherish.


    An De Wispelaere & Steven De Schrijver

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From manual to automated transport planning: a hard nut to crack

Posted by Dieter Roman on 20/12/2016


In one of our previous blogs we explained why communication is key to the success of any change process. However, communication is just one aspect of change management. It obviously takes more than timely and effective communication alone to foster employee acceptance of the change.

From our conversations with customers, we know that resistance to a transport planning tool can be a hard nut to crack. No matter how convincing the results achieved with the new planning tool may be, including often considerable savings, planners may still be reluctant to make use of it.

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