8 reasons to choose SaaS route planning software

Posted by Dieter Roman on 25/08/2016


SaaS', or 'Software as a Service', describes when users 'rent' or borrow online software instead of actually purchasing and installing it on their own computers. It is growing in popularity as an alternative to the standard business software applications.

Nowadays Saas is rapidly becoming the new „normal” in the logistics & transport industries. It simplifies hosting and enables applications to scale up and down as your business needs change over time.         

Here are 8 good reasons why SaaS route planning software will save you money and reduce your IT overheads.


1. SaaS lowers your cost of entry

Desktop software can be expensive, particularly if you are planning on running it across many computers in different DC’s and countries. This represents a costly, up-front investment in both hardware, software and IT support. SaaS route planning software is ‘rented’ by the user, keeping your IT budget consistent or lower than packaged or homegrown applications. 

2. SaaS secures your business critical data

Computers and software are not without failures. Application downtime is costly. With SaaS your data gets all the benefit of a world-class backup system. This includes high availability plans in case of emergencies and high-level security to keep your business critical information safe. All risks covered without extra costs of an own data center.

3. SaaS gets you up and running faster

Employing an IT-team to run regular backups, install upgrades or fix broken installations is costly. Web-based route planning software means you don’t have to worry about any of that because it’s all taken care of by your software vendor. 

4. SaaS offers you and your users flexibility

Since the software is hosted in the cloud and accessible over the internet, users can access it via all mobile devices wherever they are connected.

5. SaaS has a simple cost structure

Studies show that for most desktop applications, users will only utilize 20% of the program’s features. The advantage of SaaS applications is that it is easier to only purchase as much or as little functionality as you actually need (free, basic, advanced or pro license).  

6. SaaS vendors are more committed

Rather than just selling a program and disappearing because they’ve got what they wanted, a SaaS vendor is committed to supporting you, week after week, listening to your feedback and working with you to provide you with the best possible transport optimization solution.  

7. SaaS gives you the ability to try and discover

You don’t need to make a large up-front investment. Most SaaS applications enable companies to test or pilot the solution first, to ensure there is business value for you in the application.  

8. Always on the most recent version

With Web-based software, enhancements and bug fixes are available as soon as the software vendor has fixed and tested them. So you are always on the latest version without any downtime or installation hassles.

Better decision require the best model and the best solution

What are your experiences with SaaS?  Or do you want to know more about the do's and don'ts of Saas? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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