The Added Value of Clean(ing) Data

Posted by Louis D'hondt on 07/09/2017

Data has become a critical part for many businesses in almost any industry. The transformation of unstructured data (information for humans) into structured data (information that computers can interpret) has been going on for decades. The point where the use of structured data boosts efficiency has long been reached but to reach its full potential, that data must be reliable and clean. In transport business, proper data is vital to maximally deliver added value. To get to that state of reliability, discipline and commitment is needed. This requires time and effort. The benefits will be felt in every layer of the organization and beyond the domain of route optimization. The benefits not only stem from the data itself but also from the insights that come with the focus that is required to get that clean data.

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4 reasons why transporters hesitate investing in route optimization software

Posted by Louis D'hondt on 05/09/2017

When exploring the transport industry, we are shocked by the number of transport companies without planning software. We often ask ourselves why well-established values lack proper route optimization tools. Time and again, the added value through cost savings is demonstrated. If it is so obvious, how come so many experienced players opt to leave their money on the planning table

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Conundra's vision in Trends magazine 

Posted by Dieter Roman on 24/08/2017

Belgian business magazine 'Trends' interviewed Steven De Schrijver (CEO) and An De Wispelaere (Managing Director) from Conundra.

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Track & Trace - to measure is to know

Posted by Louis D'hondt on 18/08/2017

We all know garbage in equals garbage out. This rule also applies to optimization packages. It is crucial to feed planning software with clean data if you aim for good results. Therefore, if only garbage is at hand, the necessary steps must be taken to clean that dirty data. This usually requires time and effort. 
Spending resources on cleaning dirty data feels like a short-term solution when you know there are better, long term alternatives.

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Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Posted by Louis D'hondt on 10/08/2017



The phrase “proper planning prevents poor performance”, also known as the “5P's of success”, promotes the importance of planning for a successful outcome. In this article I want to show how those 5P’s can be applied to route optimization. Here's how you evaluate your route planning software by running through the 5P-checklist.

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Why an optimization tool is a planner's best bud!

Posted by Louis D'hondt on 08/08/2017


Nowadays, the fear of job-loss through technological evolution is a common feeling. As transport planning tools are on the increase, planners might fear alike.

However, for various causes, optimization software should be considered a support for a planner's work rather than a replacement of his work.

It's an opportunity and not a threat...

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Why investing in route optimization should be on your wish list?

Posted by Dieter Roman on 28/07/2017

Because it can save you money! But how do you start such a project or what considerations should be given? This is a vital business decision, and of course you want to be sure you’re making the right one. Get inspired and learn how you can keep your drivers happy and your planners motivated!

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Selected for you: our 4 most popular blogs of 2017

Posted by Dieter Roman on 24/07/2017

I'm happy to report that our blog 'Our views on route optimization' is quiet popular with our readers. Most weeks at least a few of our blogs are high on the list of the most-viewed content on our website.

To make your live easier we have selected the 4 most popular blogpost of 2017

I hope you’ll find some insights below you may have missed during the first months of 2017, and that they’ll help you make your job, business and operations more productive, efficient and competitive. 

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8 great reasons why route optimization should be your top priority

Posted by Dieter Roman on 05/07/2017

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Video speaks louder than words: why customers choose Conundra

Posted by Dieter Roman on 23/06/2017

Learn in this video why companies choose Conundra and how OptiFlow makes a real difference in their daily operations (Dutch version).

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